New Lake Champlain Bridge Over Budget

12/19/11 6:06AM The Associated Press

The cost of the new bridge over Lake Champlain, which opened to traffic on Nov. 7, is running 8-9 percent over budget.

Public records requested by the Burlington Free Press of New York, Vermont and federal agencies show that what started as a $69 million construction bid has become $75 million and is likely to reach $76 million.

The Free Press says that much of the added cost is due to completing the bridge linking Addison, Vt., and Crown Point, N.Y., on an accelerated schedule. It also cites a report showing that cost overruns on transportation projects are not unusual.

The new bridge carries an estimated average of 3,000 cars a day. It replaces an 80-year-old bridge that was closed in October 2009.

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