Dartmouth Play Spotlights Unions

11/19/11 8:35AM By Peter Biello
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Dartmouth/Rob Strong
A scene from Breaking E.D.E.N.
To some, unions represent the collective strength of workers who, by themselves, may be abused by unscrupulous employers. To others, unions demand too many benefits for their members and put government budgets and private companies under financial stress.

A group of playwrights at Dartmouth College has put unions in the spotlight in a series of short plays. Breaking E.D.E.N. puts today’s labor issues on a human scale with plays about migrant workers fighting for fair wages in Florida, teachers stuck in a rubber room where they can’t teach, unsafe working conditions in West Virginia’s mines, and more.

Director Christian Kohn speaks with VPR's Peter Biello about Breaking E.D.E.N and unions.

Learn more about Breaking E.D.E.N.

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