No Toxins Found In Corn Testing

11/02/11 7:50AM By Mitch Wertlieb, Melody Bodette
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It's been a tough year for farmers trying to grow feed for their animals.

A rain-soaked and cool month of May pushed back the harvest season, and the second part of the one-two punch landed when Irene flooded and damaged corn fields.

In some places water went over the tassels of corn and lingered, leaving a lot of silt behind and raising the prospect of harmful microorganisms in the corn.

Dr. Heather Darby works with farmers through the University of Vermont Extension, as an agronomic and soils specialist. Darby tells VPR's Mitch Wertlieb the corn yields were already down 25 percent before Irene. Corn is an important part of a farmer's feed for the year, a big part, so Darby says a lot of testing is being conducted to figure out if that corn is safe.

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