Moretown Resumes Real Estate Deals

10/17/11 6:06AM The Associated Press

AP/ Toby Talbot
The flood-damaged contents of the Moretown Town Clerk's office sit outside in the days after the storm.

Officials in Moretown are hoping to resume real estate transactions in the next week or so.

Most real estate transactions in the town have come to a halt because some essential documents were saturated during Irene's flooding.

Waitsfield real estate lawyer Dave Olenick says people can't buy and sell real estate without public records. He has two deals on hold.

Town Clerk Cherilyn Lamson says the flooded documents are being restored. She hopes to be back in business soon.

Moretown was one of a number of communities in Vermont and New York that have seen municipal and county records damaged and possibly destroyed by floodwaters.


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