Voices In The Week's News: October 14, 2011

10/14/11 12:55PM Ric Cengeri
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VPR/John Dillon
Public Service Commissioner Elizabeth Miller presents information on a new energy plan at a public meeting in Danville.
The state rolled out its new energy plan, the Republican Presidential candidates debated at Dartmouth College, Congressman Peter Welch weighed in on the Occupy Wall Street movement, Shelburne Museum revealed plans for a new year-round center and Bennington's teachers voted to strike.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

State Rolls Out New Energy Plan (10/10/11)

(Public Service Commissioner Elizabeth Miller) "The legislature has a goal of 80,000 homes improved 25 percent in our energy savings by 2020. And we're far behind that goal. We would have to significantly increase our pace if we were to hit that legislative goal by 2020."

Republican Candidates Head To Dartmouth For Debate (10/11/11) 

(Middlebury College political science professor Matt Dickinson) "A recent poll showed about 80 percent of those surveyed indicated that these types of debates are an important component in their decision making. This is in contrast to the general election where political scientists have found that very highly publicized debates between the two frontrunners really don't have much persuasive impact at all."

Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows In Vermont (10/14/11) 

(Congressman Peter Welch) "It's really quite, I think, astonishing, to just see this display of grassroots activity by people who really don't have an awful lot in common in many cases, except real frustration and anxiety about their future." 

Shelburne Museum Announces Art And Education Center (10/13/11) 

(Shelburne Museum Chairman James Pizzagalli) "We have 39 buildings, and yet most of them are very small buildings, and of course we have 150,000 objects in the collection - about 90 percent are on display - so our buildings are packed full, and there's very little space for educational programs for example, and there's no space for special exhibitions, without removing the contents of one of those buildings."

Bennington Teachers Vote To Strike (10/13/11) 

(Southwestern Vermont Education Association union president Stephannie Peters) "We are committed to coming up with a solution that is acceptable to both parties. We would much rather be walking in out hallways and teaching in our classrooms than walking on picket lines."


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