Occupy Wall Street Movement Grows In Vermont

10/14/11 6:06AM By Ric Cengeri

(Host) The "Occupy" rallies that started on Wall Street a few weeks ago have now made their way to Vermont. Burlington has been the site of several of the events. Another was held Thursday in Middlebury.

And Congressman Peter Welch is weighing in on the Occupy movement:

(Welch) "It's really quite, I think, astonishing, to just see this display of grassroots activity by people who really don't have an awful lot in common in many cases, except real frustration and anxiety about their future." 

(Host) Despite his admiration for the sacrifices protesters are making, Welch says that - in Washington - opinions of the Occupy movement are mixed.

(Welch) "Mr. Cantor, the Republic leader, said it was mobs and was pretty dismissive of it. Others are saying, hey, we've got to listen and try to figure out what's going on." 

(Host) Additional ‘Occupy Wall Street' rallies are scheduled for this Saturday in Brattleboro, Montpelier, Rutland and Burlington.

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