Bethel Calls Special Select Board Meeting

10/03/11 5:04PM By Kirk Carapezza

(Host) The town of Bethel is holding an emergency meeting Monday night in response to Tropical Storm Irene flooding.

Unlike other town governments that banded together and accepted volunteer help, Bethel's has come under fire for how it has handled disaster recovery.

Last week, the Select Board told volunteers who had converted Bethel's Town Hall into a clearinghouse to leave the building because it was no longer available.

Some residents have called for board members to resign. They also want greater transparency.

For more information about Bethel, and other towns, go to VPR's Public-Post.

This story has been modified to show the following corrections: We mischaracterized a meeting of the Bethel Select Board earlier this week. It was a special meeting, but not an emergency session. Also, Bethel held two publicly warned meetings in September, so this week's was not the first since Tropical Storm Irene.


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