With Extension, Ripton Keeps Irene Damage Tally

09/30/11 4:04AM

Cities and towns are still adding up flood damage caused by Tropical Storm Irene as they prepare to apply for federal disaster relief money.

Earlier this week, FEMA extended the application deadline for cities and towns to October 17th. That gave them an extra 16 days to make damage assessments.

In Ripton, the select board says the total cost to town roads will exceed $100,000.

One issue that Ripton and many other towns are grappling with is whether to dredge and channel rivers when it's unclear if FEMA will cover the cost.

Officials with the Agency of Natural Resources have already inspected and approved work in some riverbeds in Ripton where debris needs to be removed.

You can comb the select board minutes from Ripton and more than 50 other communities at VPR's Public Post.


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