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09/30/11 12:50PM Patti Daniels
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AP/Toby Talbot
Energy Law Expert Michael Dworkin

This week learned that state roads may cost $700 million dollars to repair after Irene, but federal funding for those projects is uncertain. Some state employees moved into temporary offices. And damaged towns saw fewer offers from volunteers. GazMetro's purchase of CVPS was supported by CVPS shareholders, but still faces questions from regulators. First Wind had an oil spill at the construction site of its Sheffield plant. And long-time Vermont politician Dick Mallary was remembered as a non-partisan leader.

These are some of the voices in the news, this week.

Road Repairs Will Top $700 Million, But Federal Aid Uncertain
(Deputy Transportation Secretary Sue Minter) "We've been doing that work without asking how we're going to pay for it. If the federal government fails to come through on its commitment that it's met everywhere across the country, we will have to look to our regular program funds to see where we can delay projects or do things differently....."

State Employees Move To Temporary Offices
(Ira Sollace, CFO for the Department of Corrections) "Well we're working out of boxes, we just got settled last week. As an example we've run back to Waterbury a couple of times already to get things that we need and we have no telephones yet."

Towns See Decrease In Volunteers
(Sarah Waterman, VTResponse) "The volunteerism has leveled off a bit. We have some larger groups that needed some time to get coordinated, but in terms of the, you know, a thousand e-mails on the first day of 'I want to help,' that's really trailed off."

Merger Of CVPS, GMP Parent Began More Than A Year Ago
(Energy law expert Michael Dworkin) "There are issues about management; there's issues about operational control; there's issues about who gets the profits if it makes money; there's issue about who pays the debt if it loses money."

Workers Clean Up Oil Spill At Wind Site
(Chuck Schwer, state spill management program) "No oil reached a waterway of the state. There was a report that it got to a wetland. That turned out not to be true."

Political, Nonpartisan Leader Richard Mallary Has Died
(Former journalist Chris Graff) "Dick Mallary's time on the public stage in Vermont spanned 60 years and they were 60 years of tremendous change, from the days when Vermont was one of the most Republican states in the nation to now when it's one of the most Democratic."

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