Shumlin Says Be Prepared For Flash Floods

09/04/11 4:48PM By Ross Sneyd

VPR/Ross Sneyd
Governor Peter Shumlin, Congressman Peter Welch and Penny Severance at Perley Farm in Royalton, which was hard hit in last week's floods.
(Host) Governor Peter Shumlin says Vermonters need to be prepared for thunderstorms and flash flood watches that are in the forecast for the next day or so.

VPR's Ross Sneyd reports.

(Sneyd) Governor Shumlin has spent most of the past week touring flood-ravaged towns, homes and farms.

His latest stop was the Perley Farm in Royalton, where 25 of the family's 60 cows drowned or were swept down the raging White River in last week's floods.

Shumlin says the state is prepared in case rivers rise again with the latest line of storms.

(Shumlin) "Obviously, we're very concerned because we don't have the capacity to absorb water right now in the state and if we really get three to four inches and it comes quickly it's a challenge, a challenge because our roads are fragile and we're trying to put them back but they're not ready for prime time. Our bridges, makeshift bridges are fragile."

(Sneyd) The governor says people need to stay away from fast-moving water, and expect flash flooding. He says it's best to expect the worst.

For VPR News, I'm Ross Sneyd in Royalton.


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