Woodbury Votes To Keep Elementary School Open

06/28/11 12:04PM By Melody Bodette

(Host) Voters in Woodbury last night rejected a measure that would have closed the town's elementary school.

In a 129-to-63 vote, the town said "no" to a proposal to close the school and send the kindergarten through sixth grade students elsewhere.

School board member Dan Brush says he's pleased the school will stay open:

(Brush) "I think it would really be a tragic loss if we didn't have a school here in town. It's a real shared experience by everybody and we're working hard to provide the best experience we can for our kids."

(Host) Like many small schools, Woodbury enrollment has declined. Thirty-four (34) students are expected to attend the school this fall, down from just over 40 this school year.

Voters also turned down a measure that would have withdrawn the town from Hazen Union School district and allowed students to choose the high school they wanted to attend.


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