Comment: What revisions would you make to the state's energy plan?

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Seeking Advice, Vt. Launches New Energy Website

06/20/11 2:57PM

Gov. Peter Shumlin has announced the launch of a new government website that he says will serve as a one-stop source of information related to the state's energy plan.

The state's Comprehensive Energy Plan is due out this fall, and through this website Shumlin says the public will be able to follow developments and share ideas through an online comment form.

In a statement, Shumlin said that kind of participation will be essential in determining Vermont's future energy needs.

"Using this one-stop format to receive information from the public and keep Vermonters involved will help us identify and implement solutions to meeting our energy needs."

Shumlin says the process of revising the plan is collaborative, and stakeholders and the public are encouraged to use the website to comment on what they would like to see the plan address.

What revisions would you make to the state's energy plan? Let us know in the comments section below.


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