Visiting Artists: Andy Wasserman

05/26/11 12:44PM By Jane Lindholm, Patti Daniels
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VPR/Jane Lindholm
Artist Andy Wasserman in her Vershire studio
Andy Wasserman lives and works out of her home in Vershire, except when she's working on a big public installation.  Frequently collaborating with other artists, she's created artwork all over the state and the country.  Cyclists on the Lake Champlain Bikeways might recognize a "sculptural rest stop" she worked on in on Isle La Motte, using local quarried stone.

Visitors to Battery Park in Burlington might recognize her work in the millennium Sculpture-a shiny metallic spire mounted on granite columns.  It actually contains a time capsule that will be unveiled in 2099.

And if you've flown out of Burlington in recent years you've probably hustled past the hand-carved panels depicting apple trees and poems that she and Tunbridge artist Elizabeth Billings created.

As part of Vermont Edition's monthly "Visiting Artists" series, VPR's Jane Lindholm paid a visit to Andy Wasserman's studio, where her private work is of a much smaller scale.


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