Shumlin Declares State of Emergency For Flooded Areas

05/05/11 12:04PM By John Dillon

Photo courtesy the Governor's office
Gov. Peter Shumlin took an aerial survey of flooding across the state, May 5, 2011.
(Host) Governor Peter Shumlin has declared a state of emergency for flooded areas around Lake Champlain.

The governor says 500 homes have been damaged already and three have been destroyed.

State officials say the state of emergency allows Vermont to call on neighboring states and federal agencies for help with emergency equipment.

Shumlin says that would be helpful if the state needs to evacuate anyone from around the rising water. There are no evacuations under way at the moment.

The governor made the decision as Lake Champlain levels continued to rise above historic records this morning.

The water continues to spread over low-lying areas along the lake-shore, including homes and highways.


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