Statehouse Schedule

05/04/11 10:00AM


Scheduled to go into session at 9 am.

Third Reading S. 78 An act relating to the advancement of cellular, broadband, and other technology infrastructure in Vermont

Third Reading S. 34 An act relating to the collection and disposal of mercury-containing lamps

Favorable with amendment H. 97 Early childhood educators

Favorable with amendment S. 15 An act relating to insurance coverage for midwifery services and home births

Favorable with amendment S. 17 An act relating to licensing a nonprofit organization to dispense marijuana for therapeutic purposes

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 56 The Vermont Energy Act of 2011

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 73 Establishing a government transparency office to enforce the public records act

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 369 Health professionals regulated by the board of medical practice

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 420 The office of professional regulation


Scheduled to go into session at 10.a.m.

Second Reading Favorable with Proposal of Amendment H. 46 An act relating to youth athletes with concussions participating in athletic activities

J.R.H. 19 Joint resolution supporting the administration's efforts to examine and provide recommendations for improving and increasing the effectiveness of Vermont's state and municipal environmental protection process

House Proposal of Amendment S. 36 The surplus lines insurance multi-state compliance compact

Third Reading H. 428 An act relating to requiring supervisory unions to perform common duties


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