Statehouse Schedule

04/25/11 10:00AM


Scheduled to go into session at 1:00 pm.

Favorable with Amendment S. 94 An act relating to miscellaneous amendments to the motor vehicle laws

Third Reading H. 454 The administration and issuance of vital records

Third Reading S. 91 An act relating to motor vehicle operation and entertainment pictures

Favorable with amendment H. 51 Expanding the issuance of gold star registration plates

Favorable with amendment S. 36 An act relating to the surplus lines insurance multi-state compliance compact

Favorable with amendment S. 90 An act relating to respectful language in state statutes in referring to people with disabilities

Favorable H. 451 Amending the charter of the town of Shelburne

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 66 The illegal taking of trophy big game animals

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 138 Executive branch fees

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 275 The recently deployed veteran tax credit

Senate Proposal of Amendment H. 430 Providing mentoring support for new principals and technical center directors 


Scheduled to go into session at 2:00 pm.

Third Reading H. 11 An act relating to the discharge of pharmaceutical waste to state waters

Third Reading H. 38 An act relating to ensuring educational continuity for children of military families

Third Reading H. 91 An act relating to the management of fish and wildlife

Third Reading H. 411 An act relating to the application of Act 250 to agricultural fairs

Third Reading H. 442 An act relating to amending the charter of the city of Rutland

Second Reading H. 426 An act relating to extending the state's reporting concerning transportation of children in state custody and transportation of individuals in the custody of the commissioner of mental health

Second Reading H. 428 An act relating to requiring supervisory unions to perform common duties

Favorable with Recommendation of Amendment S. 95 Exemptions for newspaper deliverers from the unemployment statutes; relieving an employer's experience rating record of charges; studying the receipt of unemployment compensation between academic terms; allowing school employees to be paid wages over the course of a year; and requiring employers to furnish required work apparel

Favorable with Recommendation of Amendment H. 202 An act relating to a universal and unified health system                                                                                                                                                                                    

Second Reading H. 46 An act relating to youth athletes with concussions participating in athletic activities

Second Reading S. 2 Sexual exploitation of a minor and the sex offender registry



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