Statehouse Schedule

04/08/11 10:00AM


Scheduled to go into session at 9:30 a.m.

Third Reading H. 259 Increasing the number of members on the liquor control board

Third Reading H. 442 Amending the charter of the city of Rutland

Favorable with amendment H. 258 Public participation in environmental enforcement proceedings


Scheduled to go into session at 11:30 a.m.

Committee Bill for Second Reading S. 105 Miscellaneous agricultural subjects

Second Reading Favorable with Recommendation of Amendment S. 78 The advancement of cellular, broadband, smart grid, and other technology infrastructure in Vermont

Favorable with Proposal of Amendment H. 275 An act relating to the recently deployed veteran tax credit

Joint Resolutions For Action J.R.S. 26 Strongly reaffirming the general assembly's enthusiastic support for the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers' conversion of the Lamoille Valley Railroad rail bed into a four-season recreational trail and alternative transportation path


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