Statehouse Schedule

03/09/11 10:00AM


Scheduled to go into session at 1 p.m.

Third Reading H. 120 Commemorative Boy Scout motor vehicle plates

H. 38 Adopting the interstate compact on educational opportunity for military children

H. 240 Continuing to provide for the receivership of long-term care facilities

Favorable with amendment H. 13 Deer doing damage to forest resources

Favorable with amendment H. 143 The taxation of certain Internet sales


Scheduled to go into session at 11:30 a.m.

Favorable with Recommendation of Amendment Second Reading S. 58 Jurisdiction of a crime committed when the defendant was under the age of 16

Joint Resolutions For Action J.R.S. 20 Providing for a Joint Assembly to vote on the retention of a Chief Justice and four Justices of the Supreme Court, three Judges of the Superior Court, and seven Judges of the District Court


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