Budget Discussions Can Be Collegial And Contentious

02/28/11 12:08PM By Jane Lindholm, Ric Cengeri
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According to Essex Town Manager Pat Scheidel, when the economy slows down, town budgets are more carefully scrutinized. He says thats when towns must be more frugal while providing the same level of service. Essex uses grants as much as possible to maintain services. Right now, the town has $3.66 million under the management of grants the town has obtained.

Fayston select board member Jared Cadwell has seen collegial town budget discussions and some that have gotten more heated. He points to 10-15 years ago when Act 60 Reform was being introduced as some of the more contentious budget debates. But he notes that in the end, two things remain consistent: respect for the moderator and a good pot luck dinner to follow.

Click Listen to hear Jane Lindholm's discussion with Scheidel and Cadwell on the making of town budgets.

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