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02/25/11 12:50PM Patti Daniels
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This week, nurses and doctors from Dartmouth Hitchcock traveled back to Haiti, a year after their work there helping victims of the deadly earthquake. Closer to home, preparations for Town Meeting Day including the release of Senator Bill Doyle's annual Town Meeting survey on controversial issues in the state, and school boards worked to present budgets that didn't increase over last year. Attorney General Bill Sorrell commented on why he joined a lawsuit over the long-term storage of nuclear waste. And an in northern New Hampshire, local activists were fighting construction of a power line that would send the electricity far south of them.

These were some of the voices in the news this week:


Upper Valley Health Professionals Return To Haiti A Year Later
(Reporter Gregory Trotter) "Maybe some of the trash and rubble is picked up, but it looks like it's still a very chaotic existence. A lot of just ruined buildings, piles of cinder blocks..."

Researchers May Have Found Genetic Link To PTSD
(Victory May of the UVM College of Medicine) "But I don't want you to think if you have these levels or if you have these genetic markers that you will develop PTSD. But I think it might say that you might be at risk for it."

Now In Its 42nd Year, Town Meeting Survey Is Released
(Sen. Bill Doyle) "I know that people, when they're sitting around their dining room tables, often will discuss this in the family. And I think the more people know what the issues are they are more informed voters... and these are issues that haven't been decided yet."

School Boards Send Level Budgets To Voters
(Steve Dale, School Boards Association) "School districts have taken budgeting very, very seriously this year. In my early weeks I've heard a great deal of discussion about it and I know many, many districts have done some substantial reductions...so overall it is clear that there's been a lot of hard work done on bringing budgets down."

Sorrell Calls For Site-Specific Nuclear Waste Plans
(Attorney General Bill Sorrell) "If states like Vermont, New York and Connecticut just sit back and say, oh this is okay, then it doesn't keep the pressure on the federal government and the nuclear power industry to come up with permanent storage solutions."

NH Activists Fight Power Line
(John Harrigan) "What's being threatened is the only thing we really have left, which is tourism. All for the convenience of people far to the south. And we're going to wind up with this huge scar right down through the narrowest and most fragile part of New Hampshire"

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