Proposed Lowell Wind Project Sparks Debate

02/18/11 12:08PM By Bob Kinzel, Ric Cengeri
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AP/Tim Roske
Green Mountain Power and Vermont Electric Co-op want to build 20 or 21 wind turbines in Lowell, which would make it the state's largest wind energy development.

Steve Wright, a former Vermont Fish & Wildlife Commissioner, is opposed to the project. He says that wind power is unreliable, expensive and is environmentally destructive. Wright calls for a state-wide, comprehensive energy plan.

Robert Dostis, external affairs and customer relations director for Green Mountain Power, says Lowell will provide renewable energy with economic benefits that will stay in the state. He admits that energy costs from the project will be higher than Vermont Yankee and Hydro-Quebec, but less than equivalent wind projects. 

Click listen to hear Bob Kinzel's discussion with  Robert Dostis and Steve Wright on the Lowell wind project. 


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