Health Care Economist William Hsiao Lays Out Options

01/19/11 12:15PM
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(Host) A health care economist says Vermont can save money and extend insurance to every citizen by broadly reforming the system.

Doctor William Hsiao of Harvard presented options this morning for the state to consider. He recommends the same proposal supported by Governor Peter Shumlin.

(Hsiao) "We conclude the broken system can be fixed and can be fixed through a single payer system because a single payer system can produce significant savings in health care costs for Vermont."

(Host) A single-payer system could be administered by the state or by a private company hired by the state.

Hsiao says that approach would save the state more than two billion dollars in health spending by 2025.

(Hsiao) "You can use that savings to fund those who are uninsured and those who do not have enough insurance, bring them up to a standard."

(Host) The Legislature hired Hsiao last year to develop three separate plans for how the state might reform health care.

Now, lawmakers plan to take the report and write a bill incorporating his recommendations.

Click the "Listen" button above to listen to Hsiao's entire presentation.


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