Police Hope To Crack Down On Metal Thefts

01/13/11 5:04PM

(Host) Vermont State Police hope to crack down on the thefts of copper, catalytic converters and other scrap metal by enforcing laws on salvage yards that buy them.

The converters are mainly stainless steel, but contain small amounts of platinum, a precious metal.

As an example of the types of crimes being investigated, police say about 4,000 pounds of scrap metal and 200 feet of copper wire were stolen last month from Calkins Sand and Gravel on Route 14 in Coventry.

State law requires scrap metal processors to verify the identity of a seller through a government issued photographic identification and to record the information, as well as the seller's license plate and a description of the items sold.

Scrap metal processors who do not comply face $1,000 fines.



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