Schools Re-open, Clean-Up Begins As Storm Leaves Region

01/13/11 7:04AM By Susan Keese

VPR Photo/S. Keese
Gary Hillsgrove clears his driveway in Newfane.

(Snow shoveling)

(Host) That's a sound Vermonters will be hearing a  lot of today as they dig out from yesterday's nor'easter.

Over 230 schools throughout the region were closed and some businesses shut down as the storm bore down on the region. This morning there are only a handful of school delays, in Vermont's Bennington county and New York's Essex county.

Forecasters say much of the region got one to two feet of snow, while some parts of southern Vermont got between 30 and 36 inches of snow. In northern Vermont, just 4 to 8 inches of snow fell.

Bob Distelberg, who co-owns the Newfane Country Store,  shoveled his walkway in spurts, and even found time for a snowshoe in between.

(Distelberg) "This is not bad shoveling at all, really. It was very deep, but it wasn't that heavy."

Gary Hillsgrove used a front loader to clear his steep driveway.

(Hillsgrove) "Ah, just trying to clean up my driveway. I'm thinking maybe 18-15, 18 inches are so. Pretty deep."

(Host) Crews are out clearing snow this morning, but there could still be treacherous road conditions in some places, so do be careful if you have to be out traveling this morning.

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