Study Finds Some Biracial Americans Today Pass -- As Black

12/21/10 12:08PM By Jane Lindholm, Samantha Fields
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Laura Martin holds a 1988 photo of herself, right, with her father, Joe Martin, center, and her sister Sarah Sosbe. Martin says she grew up surrounded by black family and friends, listening to black music and active in black causes. That's why she only ch
During the Jim Crow era, some African-Americans or biracial Americans who were physically able chose to pass as white. A new study co-authored by UVM professor Nikki Khanna and Emory professor Cathryn Johnson finds that passing still occurs today, but that instead of passing as white, some biracial Americans are now passing as black. We talk to Nikki Khanna about the study and its findings. And Burlington singer/songwriter Myra Flynn joins the conversation to talk about her experience growing up biracial in Vermont.


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