Shumlin Names Beth Pearce To Lead Treasurer's Office

12/20/10 4:04PM By John Dillon

Photo courtesy of Anne Galloway
(Host) Governor-elect Peter Shumlin, who picked state Treasurer Jeb Spaulding to be his administration secretary, has chosen Spaulding's replacement.

The successor is Beth Pearce, who is now the deputy treasurer.

Pearce has worked for the treasurer's office since 2003 and in financial jobs in New England cities and states for her whole career.

Gov.-elect Shumlin said today that her years of experience and enthusiasm for the job will serve Vermonters well.

(Shumlin) "Beth has dealt with all of the tough issues that Treasurer's must face. She will bring not only her extraordinary experience and commitment to this job, but also her understanding of the financial challenges that we're facing, and the need for Vermont to be on sound, fiscal ground."

(Host) Pearce said that she and her office staff will embrace the responsibilities as ‘stewards of the taxpayers' money'. And Pearce plans to take a professional, nonpartisan approach to the job - one that she says has been successful through tough economic times.

(Pearce) As the governor and the general assembly's new initiatives take hold, we will work with them and address new opportunities. I look forward to working with governor Shumlin's administration, and the legislature, in providing long-term fiscal discipline and planning, that supports the larger economic and environmental goals of our great state."

(Host) Last month, two weeks after he was re-elected to a fifth term as state treasurer, Spaulding was tapped by Shumlin to become secretary of administration.



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