Douglas Heralded Change, Prosperity In Inaugural Addresses

12/10/10 12:52PM By Ric Cengeri
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Eight years ago, Jim Douglas heralded a message of change in his first inaugural address. In his last one in 2009, he called for a new era of prosperity in 2009.

Listen to some of the highlights of Governor Douglas's four inaugural addresses.

Douglas outlines priorities in inaugural address (1/10/03)

(Douglas) "And so my message to the people of Vermont is, change begins today. Not change for the sake of change, but change for the sake of progress. Sound of applause from the chamber). "The change I have called for, and which the people have affirmed, will not come overnight. My vision for Vermont's economic future is not one of quick fixes or government gimmicks. It is one of careful consideration, common sense planning and prioritizing, and a new role for government that puts power back in the hands of people."

Douglas' second inaugural address (1/6/05)

(Douglas) "Vermonters cannot wait for another study, another year, where premiums continue to rise and care moves out of reach. I ask this legislature to act thoughtfully but to act quickly and deliver me a comprehensive and fiscally responsible health care reform package by adjournment this year."

Douglas outlines broad vision of state's economic future in address (1/4/07)

(Douglas) "Vermont has a legacy of leadership that stretches back to our state's founding. We'll take that heritage forward and become a leader in a new economic frontier, a system of continual and substantial growth that harnesses our immeasurable intellectual wealth. To do so, we must bring together advancements in technology and education around the core of our shared environmental ethic."

Governor Jim Douglas delivers his inaugural address (1/8/09)

"When this work is complete and when the clouds of recession lift, we'll look back at this session of the General Assembly as the moment we ushered in a new era of prosperity in the history of our state. May God bless each and every one of you and the great state of Vermont. Thank you all very, very much."


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