One-time Social Security Payments Blocked

12/09/10 6:34AM

(Host) Social Security recipients won't be getting a one-time $250 payment this year.

That's because a U.S. Senate vote yesterday fell 7 votes short of the 60 needed to overcome a Republican filibuster.

The measure was sponsored by Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders. He proposed the payments because seniors on social security won't be seeing a cost of living adjustment this year because the national inflation rate is low.

Senator Bernie Sanders says his office has gotten dozens of calls from seniors and disabled veterans who are angry.

(Sanders) "They're very upset that at a time when their prescription drug costs and their health care costs are going up very substantially for the second year in a row they're not getting any cost of living adjustment in their Social Security checks."

(Host) Sanders says he's disappointed that the bill won't go forward. And Sanders says it's hard to understand how Republicans can fight for tax breaks for billionaires but deny $250 to seniors and disabled veterans.

Sanders also wants to change the formula that determines whether Social Security recipients get a raise.

He says the current formula doesn't take into account rising health costs.


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