Dubie Will Act As Quebec Ambassador For Shumlin

11/29/10 5:04PM By Bob Kinzel


(Host) Governor-elect Peter Shumlin is turning to his Republican rival in this year's election to help the new administration develop stronger ties with the province of Quebec.

Lieutenant Governor Brian Dubie has served as Vermont's "unofficial ambassador" to Quebec under outgoing Governor Jim Douglas.

Shumlin says he wants to work more closely with the Quebec government on energy and rail issues. And he says Dubie is the perfect person to help in this transition period.

(Shumlin) "I spoke with Lt. Governor Brian Dubie this morning he has great relations with the Canadians he's agreed to help us on many fronts there in terms of energy and rail and we're going to work together to try and get it done."

(Host) Shumlin says the exact nature of Dubie's role hasn't been worked out. But he's confident that the lieutenant governor will be a key asset in helping the Shumlin administration forge a strong relationship with Quebec.

(Shumlin) "We haven't determined when, whether it would be before the inauguration or after, but our partnership with our Canadian neighbors is incredibly important. They're one of our biggest trading partners. As you know, we're going to be buying more and more energy from them. And we have a real interest in linking up with them on rail. So he's generously offered to come with us."

(Host) Shumlin says one of his goals in the coming months is to restore passenger rail service between Vermont and Montreal.


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