Record Year For Salmon In Winooski River

11/12/10 4:59PM By Neal Charnoff, N. Charnoff

(Host)  It's been a record year for salmon in the Winooski River. 

According to Vermont Fish and Wildlife, a strong spawning run has brought large numbers of landlocked Atlantic salmon from Lake Champlain into the river this fall.

Fish and Wildlife spokesman Brian Chipman says the department has been working with New York State for over forty years to restore native salmon and trout fisheries in Lake Champlain. 

(Chipman) "Generating returns of adult fish into tributaries is a big part of that, to provide some more fishing opportunities, as well as potentially looking at development of natural reproduction in some tributaries."  

(Host) Chipman says aggressive sea lamprey control has been central to the success of the restoration program. 

(Chipman) "That's really improved the survival of trout and salmon in the lake, and so we're seeing larger older fish coming into the rivers that we really haven't seen for quite a while." 

(Host) Vermont Fish and Wildlife has been tracking many fish in the Winooski River, and they're asking anglers who bag any tagged trout or salmon to contact the department.


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