Workers Plug Second Leak At Vermont Yankee

11/09/10 12:03PM By John Dillon

(Host) Workers at the Vermont Yankee nuclear power plant used an unplanned shutdown to fix two leaks in the plant's plumbing.

Last night, technicians repaired a 24-inch feed-water pipe that sprang a leak over the weekend. The problem was traced to a two-inch plug that was used for monitoring equipment when the plant was built 38 years ago.

A stronger weld was used to seal the leak. Larry Smith is a Yankee spokesman, and he expects the plant to re-start soon.

(Smith) "It is good news. It turns out it was a conservative decision to shut the plant down but that's what we do at Vermont Yankee. And based on industry operating experience with feed-water systems and the leak, we made the decision to shut the plant down for nuclear safety, for worker safety. Maybe a little overkill but that's the way we work in this business."

(Host) Workers also used the shutdown to repair a leak in the high pressure coolant injection system. That pinhole leak was discovered in September in a one-inch diameter drain line.


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