Dubie Covers All 14 Counties In Final Days Of Campaign

11/01/10 5:50PM By Lynne McCrea
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VPR/Lynne McCrea
(McCrea) Brian Dubie spent the entire weekend covering as many towns as he could, and he wrapped up his tour in the northwest corner of the state.

At about the same time that Vice President Biden was stumping for Peter Shumlin, Dubie was chatting with the lunch crowd at Libby's Blue Line diner in Colchester.

(Dubie) ‘Hey, How are you? Been a long time - seems like yesterday!"

(McCrea) For Dubie, being at the diner was a way of ‘coming-full-circle' in his campaign.

(Dubie) "We filmed our first ad in here - 'Pure Vermont'. And in some ways it feels like the campaign started here. And here we are - wrapping the thing up! And it's emotionally significant just to be back, and it's great to be back in Libby's to just thank people who helped us out in the start."

(Dubie, to diner)"I don't want to interrupt you. Just seeking the wisdom and seeking votes. (Diner) You got ‘em."

(McCrea) One of Dubie's most powerful supporters throughout the campaign has been Governor Jim Douglas. Dubie says he hopes to be the same kind of governor that Douglas has been.

(Dubie) "Governor Douglas has great respect across the state. And when you're in southern Vermont, one thing that I would continue and hope to expand upon is - when you're elected governor, you're governor for the entire state. That means not the governor of Chittenden County, that means the governor of the entire state. And I will certainly continue to, as I have as Lt. Governor, but I will renew his legacy of making sure you're governor of the entire state."

(Dubie, talking to a diner) "I'm with the Police. Okay, thanks for endorsement, thanks for serving. Do you know Warren? Kathy's your sister?"

(McCrea) In this final day of the campaign, Brian Dubie appeared fresh, and relaxed. He says he's enjoyed meeting people every step of the way.

(Dubie) "The campaign is a privilege - it's long, but if you like people - and I do - I love meeting people, I love learning about what they're doing, their challenges, how I could serve them better as Lt. Governor and as a candidate for governor."

(McCrea) Over the course of the weekend, Dubie made three dozen appearances around the state, including the lunchtime stop in Colchester.

For VPR News, I'm Lynne McCrea

(Host) Dubie is wrapping up his statewide tour at this hour with a rally at the Champlain Valley fairgrounds in Essex Junction, with Governor Douglas.


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