Dubie Campaign Tries To Block AG Investigation

11/01/10 7:34AM By John Dillon

(Host) Republican Brian Dubie's campaign for governor has gone to court to try to block the attorney general's investigation into alleged campaign finance violations.

Dubie's election committee asked a federal judge on Friday to stop what the campaign said was a planned raid on campaign headquarters. The judge refused to block the investigation.

Corry Bliss is Dubie's campaign manager. He charges that the attorney general's investigation is politically motivated. He says the campaign volunteered to turn over the documents after Tuesday's election.

(Bliss) "I think it's completely political. We offered to give them all the data on Wednesday and that was rejected. I think it's a shame that the attorney general to help Peter Shumlin is playing politics with the attorney general's office."

(Host) But Attorney General Bill Sorrell says his office is not working with the Democratic campaign for governor on the investigation.

He says lawyers were following up on allegations that the Dubie campaign and the Republican Governors' Association improperly coordinated their campaigns by sharing polling data.

(Sorrell) "And in the same way that we've investigated several other complaints from each campaign against the other, we've asked for information and then reached our conclusions. In this case, thus far we've been stymied and have been unable to receive the information that we requested."

(Host) Sorrell says agents from his office were not planning a raid on Dubie headquarters.

He says they had been negotiating for a week to schedule a time to receive documents and interview officials.

Sorrell says his office served a legal notice on the Dubie campaign requiring that it produce the documents, but that the campaign responded by filing a lawsuit against him.



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