Author Lynn Levine on "Snow Secrets"

10/22/10 12:44PM By Jane Lindholm
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Educator Lynn Levine is known in some classrooms as the scat lady because as a tracker and forester she teaches kids how to identify animals by the clues they leave behind. She's even written a field guide on tracks and scat.

Well now she's turned her sights on fiction. Her new young-adult chapter book is called "Snow Secrets." In it, Sarah and Jasmine, two Vermont sixth graders learn the art of tracking animals in winter and then have to use their new-found skills to help find Sarah's beloved cat when he goes missing.

She spoke with VPR's Jane Lindholm about her book.


Chapter 1
Horse Jumping

With sparkling eyes and frosted eyes, Sarah rode Wind Walker from the corral to the barn.

Sarah turned to look at Jasmine behind her.

Jasmine was staring into the snow, Just as Sarah was about to look away, Jasmine yelled, "There's blood in Walker's tracks."



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