Candidates Running Hard With Two Weeks To Go

10/20/10 5:50PM By Ross Sneyd
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(Host) Vermont's leading candidates are spending the last two weeks of the campaign much as they have the entire race.

They're running hard and looking for openings to highlight what they believe are their opponents' weaknesses.

VPR's Ross Sneyd has this campaign roundup.

(Sneyd) Any campaign becomes especially hectic as Election Day gets closer.

And this year promises to be a classic.

Peter Shumlin and Brian Dubie are locked in the closest of contests. So they're going all out in the run-up to November second.

Dubie launched a statewide swing that he dubbed his "talk of the town" tour. He's visiting general stores across northwestern and central parts of the state.

And he's also launched another hard-hitting campaign commercial.

(Dubie Ad) "So is Shumlin telling the truth about paying for his big spending?"

(Sneyd) The ad goes on to raise questions about whether Shumlin's campaign promises can be trusted.

Shumlin spent part of his day highlighting his plans for helping to create jobs. He held a news conference at a Montpelier sporting goods store.

He also appeared at an event later in the day before leaders of the state's manufacturing industry.

And Shumlin took the opportunity there to refute what he describes as misleading ads about himself and his policies.

(Shumlin) "For those of you that watch TV and see my mouth moving kind of funny, I promis you I can move my mouth without doing that. For those of you that think I might let violent criminals or whatever it is into the streets, we all know that neither Brian or I would do that. For those of you who think one of us might not be ethical, we're both ethical. We both care about Vermont."

(Sneyd) Those are all images and charges that have appeared in ads against Shumlin.

All of the campaigns are planning a variety of marches, rallies and gatherings in the coming days.

And they're also surely planning more ads before November second gets here.

For VPR News, I'm Ross Sneyd.


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