Voices In The Week's News: October 8, 2010

10/08/10 12:50PM
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AP/Toby Talbot
Republican candidate for Congress, Paul Beaudry

Talk of district mergers had school choice advocates worried, Vermont's Republican candidate felt ignored by his party, plans for a Pownal biomass project sparked debate and Putney celebrated the reconstruction of its general store.

These were some of the voices in the news this week:


District Mergers Worry School Choice Advocates (10/4)

(State Commissioner of Education Armando Vilaseca) "I think that is a legitimate concern for those folks who currently enjoy school choice. At the same time, it is somewhat unequal because here you have 90 communities that do have school choice and 160-170 communities that do not."

Candidate For Congress Says GOP Is Ignoring Vermont Race (10/4)

(Republican Congressional candidate Paul Beaudry) "They are not sending and financial support to myself...and it's sad because this is a small state and a little bit of money can really go a long ways and it is possible for me to beat Peter Welch."

Pownal Biomass Project Stirs Debate (10/6)

(Pam Lyttle, Concerned Citizens of Pownal) "We're concerned about our health, we're concerned about the water source, we're concerned about the noise. A lot of people think there are going to be wonderful jobs promoted by this plant, and we're not so sure they will be."

(Beaver Wood partner Tom Emero) "Our emissions are governed by the federal government. The clean air act and the State of Vermont's air policies as well, and both of these projects will set an entirely new standard in air emissions from biomass power plants."

Putney Celebrates Start of Store Reconstruction (10/5)

(Putney Historical Society member Jeff Shumlin) "The Putney General Store really was and is a crossroads for this community. It's not only where you grab your cup of coffee, but it's where you meet your friends and neighbors, find out who's struggling, when a baby has been born. It is really part of the glue of this community."


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