Competition Showcases The Art Of Graffiti

10/02/10 8:35AM By Peter Biello
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(AP Photo/E.J. Flynn)

When you think of graffiti, what comes to mind? Bubble letters on a brick wall? Hastily written initials or declarations of love on an overpass? Gang symbols? Or do you think of artfully constructed designs, with as much meaning and relevance as your average piece of art in a museum?

Today in South Burlington, a graffiti competition seeks to change ideas about graffiti, to elevate this urban art to the level that Holly Boardman says it deserves. Boardman is the director of the Shelburne Art Center and she’s organized today’s competition, which is called “Wall-to-Canvas.” She speaks with VPR's Peter Biello about the competition and the art of graffiti.

Learn more about "Wall-to-Canvas."


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