Souba Named Dartmouth Medical School Dean

09/10/10 7:04AM By Lynne McCrea

(Host) Dartmouth College has a new dean of its medical school.

President Jim Yong Kim announced Thursday that Dr. Wiley "Chip" Souba will lead Dartmouth Medical School.

Kim described Souba as a highly regarded cancer surgeon, scientist, and leader.

Dr. Souba comes to the college from Ohio State University.

He said he wants to build a ‘bridge' between Dartmouth's medical center, and the work going on in its science labs, where researchers are continually making new discoveries.   

(Souba) "There's a great opportunity to take that knowledge and the word we use is ‘translate' it, into therapies, and treatments that make a difference to the people of New Hampshire, but also to the people of the world."

(Host) Souba succeeds Dr. William Green, who is returning to his role as Dean of the Department of Microbiology and Immunology.

Dartmouth officials praised Green helping the medical school thrive during a time of financial uncertainty.


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