Bennington Recovers From Powerful Storms

08/23/10 12:04PM By Ross Sneyd

(Host) Bennington County is still trying to recover from a series of strong storms that swept through the region.

At this hour, about 4,200 utility customers are still without power. And three-quarters of them are in Bennington County.

Officials say heavy rains and high winds were responsible for bringing down tree limbs and electric lines.

Marty Crane Godrow lives in Arlington. She says her home has been without power since about 10 last night, and she's seen the same elsewhere in Bennington county.

(Crane Godrow) "Driving through Manchester this morning and Sunderland, you can see trees that are down. There are crews, private crews that are working to cut up trees that are in people's yards. There's a lot of debris on the lawns."

(Host) Utility crews are still trying to clear all of those trees and get power restored. There's no estimate on when all of the work will be done.


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