Summer School: How To Climb A Tree

07/21/10 12:51PM By Charlotte Albright
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Photo: Herb Swanson

Imagine yourself dangling from the top of a big pine:  fifty feet in the air and swaying in the breeze.  It's possible, but first you have to get there! 

We continue our weekly Summer School series by learning how to climb a tree.  We'll do it with the help of certified instructor Al Manning.  Manning teaches tree climbing at Twin Pines, an outdoor center in North Danville. 

The technique involves moving along a rope suspended from high in the tree.  Manning's students strap on a leather saddle connected to the rope and insert a foot in a loop also connected to main rope. 

Photo: Herb Swanson
Then, by alternately sitting and standing, they move up the tree.   The key element is the series of knot used in the ropes, beginning with popular knot used in sailing and rock climbing called the figure eight.


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