Democratic Lt. Gov. Candidates Labor For Attention

07/16/10 5:50PM

(Host) Two Democrats who are running for lieutenant governor are laboring to get noticed because their party's five-way race for governor has gotten all the attention.

But both have been out raising money and meeting with voters in advance of the August 24th primary.

Both men serve in the state House. Representative Steve Howard represents Rutland and Representative Chris Bray is from New Haven.

Howard says he wants to be lieutenant governor because it's an opportunity to help the middle class and lower-income Vermonters.

(Howard) "I believe Vermonters need an economy that serves all Vermonters, not jujst those at the top. We need to have an economic policy that reaches out to the middle class, that helps bring those who are low income into the middle class. I say that not just because it's a matter of justice and fairness. I say that because it's smart economic policy."

(Host) Bray says he got into the race because he believes this is a pivotal time in the state's history.

(Bray) "We only reset the table , as it were, with statewide officers, every six to eight years. And I think that right now we're at an economic crossroads. We're facing a new economy and some challenges. And if we make good choices, I think we'll set ourselves up for success for the next decade. And if we don't make good choices I think we'll continue to struggle."

(Host) VPR's Vermont Edition is interviewing all of the major party candidates who face primary races.


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