NRC Says Yankee Provided Accurate Information

06/18/10 6:34AM By John Dillon

Federal regulators have cleared Entergy Vermont Yankee after a three-month investigation that focused on whether the company supplied accurate information.

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission launched the probe after company officials testified under oath in Vermont that the plant did not have underground pipes that could leak. That testimony proved to be false when a radioactive leak was discovered in January. The NRC wanted to know if Entergy had misled the federal government as well.

The NRC now says its investigation shows that the company provided accurate information as part of its request for a new 20-year operating license.

The commission had a team of 19 staff members review documents and interview company personnel. The team reported that in one instance, the company did provide erroneous information. But the commission said the information was not a factor in any regulatory decisions.


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