Hydro And The Debate Over "Renewable" Energy

06/11/10 12:10PM By Jane Lindholm
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As Vermonters raise concerns about Hydro Quebec's plans to expand and export power to New England, Vermont Edition traveled to Montreal to find out what Canadians are saying as part of VPR's series "Big Hydro: Going To The Source."

This spring, Hydro-Quebec and Vermont utilities announced a long-term agreement to provide electricity to Vermont.  At the same time, the Vermont legislature designated power generated by Hydro-Quebec as 'renewable'.  But concerns have been raised about the environmental impact of the diversion of rivers and flooding of lands involved in Hydro Quebec's expansion.

Claude Demers is Hydro-Quebec's science communicator.  Has spent 30 years working on Hydro-Quebec projects.  Daniel Breton, a long-time Quebec environmentalist and founder of MCN21, a group devoted to independence from fossil fuels. 

They spoke with VPR's Jane Lindholm about Hydro-Quebec: the energy contracts it's pursuing with American utilities, the effect of large-scale hydro dams on the culture and landscape of Northern Quebec, and the debate over renewable power classification.

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Big Hydro: Going To The Source


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