Senators Support EPA Regulation Of Greenhouse Gases

06/11/10 7:04AM By Bob Kinzel

AP Photo/Alison Redlich
(Host) Both of Vermont's U.S. senators joined a majority of their colleagues in voting against a plan to block the Environmental Protection Agency from regulating greenhouse gas emissions.

The Senate rejected the proposal by a vote of 53 to 47.

Speaking on the Senate floor, Senator Patrick Leahy said it's essential for the federal government to take decisive action to help regulate carbon emissions.

(Leahy) "We are being asked to undermine America's ability to clean our air and our waters. The science is clear greenhouse gases are a danger. They are a clear and present health and economic threat to the American people."

(Host) Senator Bernie Sanders told his colleagues that backers of the plan were trying to overturn solid scientific evidence with political rhetoric.

(Sanders) "So with all of this evidence who's arguing against global warming? Who's saying that it's not real? Well, the well known climate expert Glenn Beck has suggested that climate scientists should commit suicide and compared Al Gore to Adolf Hitler. Well, there you go. Rush Limbaugh another scientist of outstanding repute said global warming is bogus and is the work of pseudo scientists."

(Host) Democratic leaders are working on a comprehensive climate change bill. But it's not clear when the legislation will be debated by the full Senate.


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