Rhubarb Coffee Cake A Springtime Favorite

06/02/10 12:50PM By Sarah Ashworth
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VPR/Sarah Ashworth
Rhubarb is a harbinger of spring, and in our region it's the season's first fruit.  Rhubarb can be used in savory dishes, like when it's paired with pork, but it's really best known for being the centerpiece in baked goods, especially pies.  A century or so ago rhubarb was even called "pie plant" because that's all people used it for.  Today, it's also common in crisps, compotes and cakes.

Vermont food writer Susan Stuck lives in Charlotte, but she grew up in Minnesota, a land well known for its rhubarb, thanks to Garrison Keillor.  Stuck grew up eating her mother's rhubarb coffee cake every spring.  VPR's Sarah Ashworth recently dropped by Stuck's kitchen to find out how she makes the cake.

Click here to see Vivan Stuck's rhubarb coffee cake recipe (pdf)


VPR/Sarah Ashworth


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