Interview: Koss Brothers And "Earth's Best Baby Foods"

05/27/10 4:50PM By Neal Charnoff
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In 1984, twin brothers Ron and Arnie Koss set out to create the world's first organic baby food company. 

They had no money, no expertise in infant nutrition, and were entering a nearly non-existent marketplace for organic foods. 

The business they founded in Middlebury, Earth's Best Baby Foods, became at that time the largest start-up company Vermont had ever seen.  The business was sold to H.J. Heinz in 1996. 

VPR's Neal Charnoff speaks with the Koss Brothers about their new book, "The Earth's Best Story: A Bittersweet tale of Twin Brothers Who Sparked An Organic Revolution."

"The Earth's Best Story" is published by Chelsea Green Books.

Ron and Arnie Koss appear at Northshire Bookstore in Manchester, Vermont, Friday at 7:00 p.m.



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