Voices In The Week's News: April 23, 2010

04/23/10 12:50PM By Bob Kinzel
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Col. Will Roy
Community members voice concerns over the NRC's response to tritium leaks, road construction season gets underway, Colonel Will Roy says Vermont's guard soldiers are meeting their mission, the state's Race to the Top application struggles, volcanic ash traps some Vermonters overseas and actor Christopher Lloyd takes the stage in Weston.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.


Community Members Lose Trust In NRC

(Kathleen Krevetski) "I have a trust issue also with telling us tritium is not dangerous. Just because you have equipment that cannot measure the tritium in the Connecticut River, you would have us believe it's okay to drink the water. Why is it that the NRC believes that what you cannot see or cannot measure will not hurt you?"

Summer Ahead: Expect Busy Road Crews

(Dick Mazza) "We've done a substantial amount of paving last year it was over a 100 million this year it's another $100 million, $93 million, bridges you'll see more construction than ever before we have had the stimulus money the last two years and that's added a good bunch of money about $125 million and so be prepared for a lot of construction this summer and I think we're making great progress."

Col. Will Roy On The Guard's Afghanistan Mission

(Col. Will Roy) "I'd just like to tell the Vermonters back home, how much we really appreciate their support.  Everyday we go out and we know we've got phenomenal support back home.  When our soldiers go back home on leave, you can't buy a cup of coffee in Vermont if you're in uniform."

Education Chief Says Vermont A Longshot For Federal Grant

(Armando Vilaseca) "What we're hearing from the secretary is a pretty strong line: charter schools, you lose points. You don't have a teacher evaluation system that is tied into student outcomes, you lose points."

Vermonter Shares Story Of Volcano Flight Cancellations (Bruce Bearman) "We heard about this and oh my god, everything's closed, and everything just started stopping, and so you kind of go through this, you sort of relax because you can't do anything about it.... So, you just say okay it's Sunday.... We were in Zurich, take it easy, just relax, you can figure it out tomorrow."

Christopher Lloyd To Perform At Weston Playhouse

(Christopher Lloyd ) "It's such an amazing, amazing play. And I thought here's my opportunity to do something I may never get a chance to do again, so I kind of leapt on it."


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