Voices In The Week's News: April 16, 2010

04/16/10 12:50PM
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Author John Irving
Senator Leahy prepped for the Supreme Court confirmation hearings, Adjutant General Michael Dubie addressed the Legislature, the House overwhelmingly advanced a Yankee decommissioning bill and author John Irving discussed the writing process.

These were some of the voices in the news this week.

Leahy Prepares For Starring Role In Court Confirmation (4/15)

(Senator Patrick Leahy) "I met again with Justice Stevens yesterday afternoon. Had a long talk with him. He appreciated what I've been saying about having a person who represents all of us."

General Dubie Updates Lawmakers On Deployment (4/15)

(General Michael Dubie) "I will tell you, I've never been more proud of the men and women serving in the Vermont National Guard. And I would tell you, we've never been this challenged."

Gen. Dubie: Guard Troops Face Big Job In Afghanistan (4/15)

(Adjutant General Michael Dubie) "It makes all the difference in the world knowing we have the great support that we have at home. I would like to add that they have every reason in the world to be proud of their mountain soldiers."

House Overwhelmingly Advances Yankee Decommissioning Bill (4/14)

(Bennington representative Joe Krawczyk) "And the overall goal was to make sure that when Vermont Yankee is decommissioned beginning in 2012 that there will be no expense to the taxpayers and ratepayers of Vermont. And that was very important."

A Conversation With John Irving (4/14)

(Author John Irving) "Knowledgably. Comfortably. In the point of view of two doctors, which I am in "The Cider House Rules," both Homer Wells and Doctor Larch, being medically trained. That was tough for me. I mean I just had to learn everything two or three times because I couldn't retain it. I had a lot of good help. A lot of doctor friends helping me, showing me procedures. But, you know, six, seven months would go by and I would be back at Yale-New Haven Hospital saying, ‘You know what? I have to see it again. It's all a blur. I can't remember.'"


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