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03/19/10 12:00PM By Ric Cengeri
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The state was at odds with the EPA, Enexus could move forward without Yankee, Derby Line was abuzz over stricter border monitoring, the Senate approved recognition of the Abenaki, Peter Welch planned to vote in favor of the healthcare bill and Rutland aldermen lost confidence in their police chief while the mayor's tenure was limited to 10 years.

These were some of the voices in the news this week:



Lake Champlain Clean Up Stirs Feud With EPA

(Governor JimDouglas) “Well, that’s the same EPA that recently said it’s okay to send 31,000 tons of dioxin filled soil from Massachusetts to our landfill in Moretown. So I think to be perfectly honest the credibility of the EPA regional office in Boston is called into question right now.”

Entergy Spin Off Could Go Forward Without Yankee

(Steven Agresta, general counsel, Enexus Energy) “We have not modified the proposed transaction. The petition as filed includes Vermont Yankee. The company has stated publicly in a number of times that it would close the transaction without Vermont Yankee if that were necessary.”

Derby Line Backs Arrested Village Trustee

(Derby resident Roland “Buzzy” Roy) “I would like to prove that people can cross the border on Church Street as they have for hundreds of years.”

Senate Approves Abenaki Recognition

(Chittenden Senator Hinda Miller) “If you care to read the findings, we thought it was important enough to put in here that 15 other states recognize their resident native people as American Indian tribes without any of those tribes previously or subsequently acquiring federal recognition.”

Welch Will Vote 'Yes' On Weekend Health Care Vote

(Congressman Peter Welch) “This is a step - it's not an answer and I think what we all have to do is draw a deep breath and acknowledge that health care is absolutely essential to our families, to our businesses and to our economy.”

Rutland Aldermen Lose Confidence In Police Chief

(Rutland Alderman David Dress) “The man who is the leader of any organization sets the culture for that organization and I think the culture of this organization has been set very poorly.”

Rutland Mayor Chris Louras

(Mayor Louras)“I think that anybody who would serve more than 10 years in this environment probably needs to have their head examined.”


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