Lowell Vote For Wind, Ira Against It

03/03/10 7:34AM By Ross Sneyd

(Host) Two Vermont towns voted on wind projects on Town Meeting Day, and they ended up going separate ways.

In Lowell, voters enthusiastically endorsed a project for Lowell Mountain that Green Mountain Power wants to build in the Northeast Kingdom town.

But in Ira, voters declined to adopt a resolution in support of a project on a ridgeline in their Rutland County community.

They amended the resolution to support a wind project only if it complied with the Ira town plan.

Justin Turco says the Vermont Community Wind project doesn't comply. But he says that may not be the end of the proposal.

(Turco) "Well, I am worried because Vermont Community wind farm has said that although a strong vote opposing the project would be disappointing, it won't necessarily derail the project, either, and I think it should derail the project."


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